The 3 Best Facebook Posts For Wineries

Learn how to use to Facebook to boost your wine club sign-ups and multiply your tasting room traffic.

More wine-drinkers than EVER are on Facebook

The number of adults using Facebook has exploded, and 84% of them rely on it to make a decision about a winery and its tasting room.

Take advantage for serious results.

Wineries that don’t follow our guide will miss out on all the traffic that follows. Wineries like the one below will post sparsely, if at all:

Screenshot: Facebook – Thomas Hsi Vineyards

They won’t see the benefits that maintaining an active social presence would get them. If you sell your wine online, that means nobody will buy from you online. A winery that invests in a nice website with an integrated direct-to-consumer shopping system, but chooses NOT to invest in their own social media presence has wasted their money.

Screenshot: SEMRush Report, Thomas Hsi Vineyards – 0 TRAFFIC


A Successful Winery’s Results

On the other hand, you could heed the call and get active on Facebook. Have a look at the results for a winery who does:

Screenshot: Facebook – St. James Winery

A fully-optimized Facebook account with regular updates and plenty of fans. Let’s see what that means for their website traffic:

Screenshot: SEMRush Report, St. James Winery – 5400+ monthly visitors

5,400 monthly visitors to their website! If you want to increase your wine sales, you need to start building and engaging with your audience on Facebook.

Don’t leave $200,000 on the table.

Napa Valley’s St. Supery used their Facebook account to skyrocket their fanbase and sold 390 cases of wine in 72 hours. If the price per bottle was only $45, then those cases equated to over $200,000 in sales. As of this year, it’s never been more imperative to start taking action. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Take action. Reap the benefits.

We won’t be leaving this up forever, so grab it while you can and start implementing what you learn today.

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn:

  • How to make your Facebook posts stand out and get seen in your followers’ crowded timelines
  • A counter-intuitive type of post that generates massive engagement from wine-drinkers
  • How turn a lukewarm audience into loyal followers by making them feel truly special
  • And more!

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