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Wine Zebra is dedicated to helping wineries grow by transforming their online presence, no matter what their size is. We help bridge the digital gap between winery and consumer.

If your winery doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to an in-house marketing team, breathe easy. We exist to make your life easier.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the challenges wineries face when it comes to their online presence.

We believe human-to-human connection is vital – between us and our clients, and between our clients and their customers. You’ll find a distinct contrast between working with us and working with a large, “corporate” design agency. You have our full attention.

Founder — Joshua Burson

I’m Joshua, the wine-loving PNW-native who runs Wine Zebra.

Technology has always fascinated me – I made my very first website in 1996, at age 9. I studied digital media and design at the University of Oregon, and taught myself the more complex programming skills on my own time.

I’m also an avid musician, fitness nerd, and perfume collector.

And if you’re wondering, my favorite wine varietal is Argentine Malbec.

Wine Industry Focus

Because of our specific focus, we are trusted around the globe (literally) for our website design and digital marketing services that enable wineries to take grow their business.

We also welcome clients in the industry in general: Wine Country Resorts, Local Restaurants, Spirits and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a new website?

Typically 4-6 weeks, though it does depend on the complexity of the project. Integration with third-party services may slightly extend the turnaround time.

What do you charge for winery websites?

Our prices start at $2,500 to $5,000, depending on what you need in your website. Our rates for Squarespace and WordPress are the same; it truly depends on the complexity of the project, not on the platform you’ve chosen.

Which hosting should I use?

We recommend that wineries use VPS hosting, as shared hosting can be sketchy and unreliable, and even dangerous. We’ve seen wineries unknowingly sharing IP addresses with adult websites, which puts your website at risk and counts against your SEO score.

Our favorite provider for VPS hosting is Linode, with a close second to DigitalOcean. Just know that you’ll need to know a decent amount about server management when going this route.

If you’d like the security and performance that VPS hosting provides without the headache of managing a web server yourself, we offer done-for-you VPS hosting plans for wineries.

Do you accept Bitcoin as payment?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. We recommend either Ethereum or Litecoin for transactions, as the fees are significantly lower and the sending time is significantly faster. Just make sure you keep records of your transactions for tax purposes!

Can you work with Squarespace sites?

Yes, we can. However, we highly recommend using WordPress instead as it’s a far more sophisticated, powerful option that can be as simple or robust as you desire.

What's the timeline look like?

The first thing we’ll do is have a Discovery Session, in which we figure out your goals for the website, the biggest challenges your winery faces, and how we can solve them.

We’ll then create a detailed proposal, so we’re together on timeline and expectations from both parties. This includes the price quote for your project, which is explicit — no surprise charges or fees.

Then, we get to work on your website! It begins with a wireframe mockup, style tiles, and all the initial stuff that helps us nail down the design aesthetic without getting too far ahead of ourselves.

These initial assets serve as a blueprint for the final design, which once approved is then converted into website files and integrated into WordPress (the easiest, most popular CMS on the web).

When the site is mostly developed, it’s time for you to review it. When you’re satisfied, we make it go live for the world to see!

Do you work with wineries outside the United States?

We do! Though we mostly are contacted from wineries in the USA, we do occasionally receive requests from international wineries. Unfortunately, do to the recent GDPR laws, we are unable to work with wineries from countries in the European Union for the time being 🙁

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great experience for myself and my small team. Looking forward to working together in the future.

Nk Lu, GM, Quailhurst Vineyard Estate

The messenger has been great...really have enjoyed it. Can't thank you enough for your help! You've provided amazing customer service.

James King, King Family Vineyards

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