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Which Social Media Sites Should Wineries Use?

When we partner with a new winery to handle their digital marketing, we often get asked questions like “which social networks should we be using?”

And we get it – there’s a plethora of social media platforms out there to choose from. It’s understandable that one might feel overwhelmed when deciding which ones to invest your time into.

Truthfully, the answer isn’t as overwhelming as you might expect.

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3 Big Mistakes Wineries Make On Their Websites

It’s never been easier to present and sell your wines online than it is today, but that doesn’t mean every winery has an effective online presence. In fact, many still are unintentionally turning away customers without realizing it by making the kinds of mistakes that the rest of the web fixed years ago.

These are some of the most detrimental mistakes a winery can make in their online store – is yours making one?

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Is Your Winery Posting Too Much On Facebook?

For many small wineries who want to grow their business, using social media more frequently is a big part of the equation. Still, we often find that more than a few wineries are unsure about posting too often, for fear of annoying their fans.

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Facebook Giveaway Ideas For Wineries

Wineries are blessed with having a product that makes for a great gift – one that you can never have too much of. This is perhaps why wineries that run giveaway contests see such great results.

Giveaways are exceptionally effective for wineries because they generate a lot of discussion – this in turn raises awareness of your brand, grows your follower count, and keeps your current fans excited.

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